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I’ve heard all the solutions before, so why should I give The Strategic Conduit a chance?

The smart, educated buyer of today knows that they need to trust the conduit to those solutions. They need someone who is going to be there after the sale to support them. They want honesty, transparency, and to work with someone who respectfully earns a living – not by gouging. The Strategic Conduit was built to bring value in all the right ways. Most consultants offer the same, standard solutions time and time again. Not us. Being strategic and our holistic approach is what sets us apart. We are successful because we think outside the box and genuinely want to help our clients. An initial consultation will show you all that and then some. Let’s talk.

How much do your services cost?

Great news: our services come at no cost to you!

Wait… then how do you make money?

Should you choose to engage with one of our partners, that partner pays us a referral fee. Our partners will not charge our clients more than their standard rate in order to pay us. We are on your side and will always advocate for the best deal for you.

What geographic areas do you serve?

We serve clients throughout the United States and have the ability to support clients in other countries if requested. However, not all partners or services can be provided in every state or country.

Am I required to follow your recommendations?

Absolutely not – the ball is always in your court. Our consultations are free and you have the agency to implement none, some, or all of our recommendations.

We are currently with or have previously worked with consultants, why do we need The Strategic Conduit?

We facilitate several solutions that other consultants don’t have access to, which is why professionals introduce their trusted and guarded contacts to us. For some clients, we can provide a full suite of solutions, and for others, we narrow the gaps their other consultants can’t fill. In our introductory consultation, we will determine if you are missing out on opportunities that you don’t know about.

How can you be effective with so many solution offerings?

We are not experts in everything and will never pretend to be. Over many years our rigorously vetted partners have been curated based on the value they bring, their expertise, trustworthiness, and ease of process. We are the conduit to the experts that can most help our clients!

How do I know I am getting the best deal with one of your solutions?

Our relationship with you matters to us, and we take our role as your advocate seriously. We remain fully transparent, providing you upfront with all information and answering all questions so that you are fully equipped to make the best decisions for you. Our priority is to ensure our clients get the best value from any solution.

I run a tight ship, so why would I work with you?

Even well-run organizations with a keen eye on expenses can benefit from a strategic consultation. As the market conditions shift and consumer trends evolve, so do new opportunities to optimize your bottom-line. With never-ending advancements in technology and the rising emphasis on sustainability, running a tight ship also means looking out for ways to stand out in your market, solutions to save money, or paths to reduce your organization’s impact on the planet.

I am a property manager and am nervous about implementing any solutions that make my company look bad to my clients. What should I do?

We completely understand. Your clients expect you to act in their best interest, always. Our role is to do the same! We have no interest in one-and-done deals. Our focus is building long-term relationships with our clients by continuing to bring the most value possible to them across multiple facets of their organizations year after year.

I need to reduce my operating expenses quickly. How fast can you help me do that?

How soon are you available to meet? And how quickly can you get us the required data to assess potential savings? If you are committed to getting results as quickly as possible, we will help you do just that. Some solutions can be implemented within 30 days and some take a bit longer. With the required information, we can help to create the best timeline to optimize your savings, with as little time needed from you as possible.

I have tried to increase my revenue through traditional, fixed means with minimal results. You are not in my industry, so how can you help me move the needle?

We think holistically and outside of the box and our offerings and solutions span industries. Sometimes we foster strategic partnerships with companies or individuals that are best positioned to directly increase revenue. Other times we focus on areas that our partners can help with to put money in your pocket. Let’s talk and see what solutions or partnerships might benefit your organization. Schedule a free consultation today.

My company is public or has investors and any new solutions must be thoroughly researched before implementation. How can we accomplish this?

All of our partners have been thoroughly vetted and are fully positioned to provide you with all due diligence needed to make the best decision. Our partners have been chosen for many reasons, but one of the top: they are not pushy salespeople. They respectfully advise companies by educating about the value their solutions will bring so they are equipped with all the right information to make an informed decision.

I care about sustainability but cannot risk my bottom-line. Are there solutions that can address sustainability and positively impact my bottom-line?

Absolutely! Through solutions such as water conservation, solar and renewable energy, energy credits, community solar, EV charging stations, energy storage, and others, you can minimize your impact on the environment all while decreasing expenses and potentially creating new revenue streams. Let’s chat about our sustainable options that may work for you.

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