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Discover Real-World Results

Success Stories

At The Strategic Conduit, we believe in the power of real-world results to showcase the impact of our water management solutions. Our success stories vividly illustrate how our innovative approach has transformed organizations across various industries.

Hospital - Houston, TX

Saw a 22% reduction in water usage year-over-year with a 452% return on investment, resulting in payback on investment in just 3 months!

Apartment Complex - Houston, TX

This 300+ unit apartment building saw a 19.7% reduction in water usage, achieving $3,847 in monthly savings and payback in just under 4 months.

Medical Center - Nashville, TN

This medical center reduced their CCF per month from 3,210 to 2,473 gallons resulting in annual savings of $90,000.00 with a 23% reduction in water costs!

Car Wash - Weston, FL

This car wash reduced water usage by 28.4%, cutting costs per car from $0.755 to $0.526.

Revolutionize Your Water Management

At The Strategic Conduit, we understand that you need solutions that deliver cost-effective & innovative ways of making your organization more efficient and reducing your bottom line. That’s why we are proud to introduce you to The Smart Valve™ - a piece of cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes water usage for businesses across various industries. With the ever-rising costs of sewage & water, ensuring that you have the most efficient and innovative technology is a need to keep your business competitive. Our Smart Valve™ is the answer to your water management needs, providing substantial cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and environmental responsibility. The Smart Valve™ is a no capital, guaranteed savings option!

We're committed to exploring every opportunity to optimize your water usage and find new ways to fortify your bottom-line. Our team of experts can work with you to identify additional ways that we can cut costs, create new streams of revenue, and build more efficient methods of operating. With hundreds of solutions that can be tailored fit to your business, we can help you discover even more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable practices.

Discover the 2nd and 3rd Generation Smart Valves™

The newest generations of Smart Valve™ continue to revolutionize the world of water management and bring you technology built to push the boundaries of innovation.

2nd Generation Smart Valve™

  • One-time Installation: The externally adjustable feature allows quick adjustments without turning off the water or removing the device, saving you time and money.

  • Adaptable: Easily adjust the valve to accommodate changes in system pressure or flow rate, ensuring maximum savings without service interruptions.

  • Greater Flow Rates: Our Smart Valve™ boasts double flanged or female threaded design, enabling a larger interior diameter and maintaining high flow capacity.

3rd Generation Smart Valve™

  • Triple Flow Capacity: The third-generation Smart Valve™ sets new standards with almost three times the capacity of previous designs, making it more versatile.

  • Enhanced Adjustability: With an even wider range of effect settings, you can find the perfect configuration for every system, maximizing water savings.

  • Effortless Calibration: Calibrate the 3rd Generation Smart Valve™ with the ease of a fingertip, making fine-tuning a seamless experience.

increase your company's profitability

Embrace the Future of Water Management!

Take the first step toward an innovative, more cost-effective future. Find a time to talk with one of our strategic experts who will work with you to bring peak efficiency to your organization while minimizing costs. Our team of specialists will guide you through the process, identifying tailored solutions from our suite of options including the ScaleBuster®, Smart Meters, and leak detection systems that can maximize water savings while boosting your bottom line.

Save Money and Water with Smart Valve™

Unleash Your Organization's Potential

As a forward-thinking leader in your organization, we understand that cutting costs and operating efficiently are top priorities. With The Smart Valve™, you can achieve both. Our technology offers the following benefits:

Reduces Usage Costs

The Smart Valve™ precisely controls water flow, eliminating excess consumption and preventing overbilling.

Easy Installation

Say goodbye to time-consuming surveys and pressure readings. Our one-size-fits-all external calibration makes installation a breeze.

Adjustable and Fine-tuned

Each system is unique, and The Smart Valve™ adapts to your specific needs, maximizing savings without interrupting water delivery.

Improved Accuracy

Ensure accurate readings with our technology, avoiding discrepancies caused by fluctuations in water pressure.

Stabilized Water Pressure

Protect your equipment and reduce water leaks by maintaining steady water pressure with The Smart Valve™.


The Science Behind

Smart Water Management

Air Compression

The Smart Valve™ maintains near city (static) pressure upstream, preventing air volume expansion during water demand. This ensures accurate meter readings without impacting water pressure.

Flow Stabilization

Proprietary technology eliminates peaks and valleys in water flow, enhancing meter accuracy and safeguarding against damage from pressure surges.

The Smart Valve™ has a no capital, guaranteed savings option!

Efficient Flows

Controlled backpressure upstream leads to a corresponding pressure drop downstream. This precision control reduces water consumption, resulting in significant water bill savings.

Pressure Reduction

The Smart Valve™ acts as a reliable back-up, achieving substantial pressure reduction in high-PSI water systems, preventing excessive water delivery and leaks.

Ready to Save and Innovate?

Let's find time to discuss the first steps toward a more sustainable, cost-effective, and innovative water management solution for your organization. Let The Smart Valve™ revolutionize the way you use water, unlocking savings and efficiency like never before.

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